The Inhibition in the CNS GRS 2025 will be held on the 5th and 6th of July in Maine, US and will be followed by the associated conference on Inhibition from the 6th until the 11th of July.
During these conferences, speakers from all over the world will gather to discuss their scientific findings. At the Inhibition in the CNS GRS we want to foster collaboration, promote diversity, and create a welcoming community.
The seminar program is carefully curated to delve into three pivotal topics:

  • the roles of subcortical GABAergic neurons
  • the modulation of inhibitory processes
  • insights from computational modelling

We want to encourage discussions covering theoretical, computational, and experimental aspects of inhibition at all scales. By organizing mixer dinners, mentorship lunches and scientific workshops, we're determined to create an atmosphere where everyone feels valued.
We'll match first-time GRS attendees with experienced attendees for a seamless introduction to the GRS community.

Our commitment to inclusivity means we are actively encouraging applications from underrepresented countries, demographics, and labs.
We understand that attending conferences can be challenging, and we want to make it as accessible as possible for everyone.