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The UCT Cortex Club is a student-run Neuroscience Society that deals with cutting-edge topics and challenging issues in neuroscience. We provide an open, educational forum for staff and students from UCT as well as other universities to engage on all topics relating to the brain. This gives both experts and non-experts a chance to grapple with and be exposed to important research that is being done in the neuroscience field and allows for opportunities to share knowledge and gain understanding about the complex functioning of the brain. 

We believe that exposure to the broad ranges of neuroscience topics including clinical, molecular, and cellular neuroscience, neurophysiology, psychology, and computational neuroscience is valuable for anyone with a brain as it allows for an appreciation of what makes us who we are. Furthermore, learning about the brain creates an awareness about the critical research that is being done to investigate how the brain works and to explore treatment options for different conditions that affect the brain such as neuroinfections, traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, autism, and depression.

A major goal of the Cortex Club committee is to make neuroscience accessible to people from all backgrounds, including UCT undergraduate and postgraduate students from various faculties, postgraduate and senior academics who are more embedded in neuroscience research, as well as learners from schools in and around Cape Town who may not have had the opportunities to be exposed to this important and fascinating field. 

We are excited to be partnering with the UCT Neuroscience Institute (NI) to host live in-person events in the beautiful, shared space of the NI which we hope will facilitate rewarding discussions about the brain.  

The 2024 committee

cortex club committee
cortex club committee
cortex club committee
cortex club committee

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