Dr Nynke Groenewold

Mental Health Researcher, Division of Psychopharmacology

Research Interests

My research interest concerns the changes that occur in the brain in people that experience depressive and anxiety disorders throughout the lifespan. My research is embedded in the BBU Psychiatric Neuroimaging Group, which I co-lead. I have three focus projects: 1) Identify brain changes in South African children exposed to maternal depression and examine how these contribute to their future risk to develop psychiatric conditions; 2) Delineate changes in brain structure, connectivity, and ageing in anxious adolescents and adults as co-chair of ENIGMA-Anxiety; 3) Explore the antidepressant potential of a novel pharmacological agent in South African young adults through pharmaco-MRI.

Research Areas

Clinical Neuroscience • Developmental Neuroscience • Neuroimaging