Dr MV Gule

Epilepsy Clinical Researcher, Department of Neurology

Research Interests

I have been working as Chief Neurology registrar and Epilepsy fellow, helping with an EEG training program that continues to grow yearly. I am personally and professionally profoundly invested in the role of equitable service delivery in growing the country's healthcare and general infrastructure.

Personally my three main areas of interest are in addressing the international epilepsy diagnostic and treatment Gap, evaluating patients with treatment-refractory Epilepsy, and formulating transition pathways from childhood/adolescence to adult care and tertiary referral hospitals to primary care - while establishing a robust safety net for patients during these transition phases. These interests have allowed me to collaborate with several divisions within my institution such as our Primary Health Care Directorate (Family Medicine), Department of Public Health and the Western Cape Data Centre to establish a local epilepsy registry. My registry work has led me to work with the Pharmacy, and division of Pharmacology to work on improving rational prescribing at primary care facilities. 

From a research point of view, I am currently involved in the Oxford Martin School global epilepsy Accelerating Solutions for Global Epilepsy with Novel Diagnostics and Apps (AGENDA) project as the site South Africa Site lead investigator. 

Research Areas

Clinical Neuroscience • Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience • Developmental Neuroscience • Neuroimaging