Professor Anthony Figaji

Platforms Lead, Neuroscience Institute; Secondary Brain Injury Researcher, Division of Neurosurgery; National Research Foundation SARChI Chair of Clinical Neuroscience

Research Interests

Our group, African Brain Child, is interested in understanding, preventing and treating secondary brain injury processes in children with acquired brain injury. These processes cause aggravation of the primary injury and worsen outcome. Proper understanding of these mechanisms using sophisticated bedside tools and advanced basic science techniques leads to interventions that improve outcome. We focus on traumatic brain injury, tuberculous meningitis and bacterial meningitis - leading causes of death and disability in children worldwide. We have competitive advantages that enable research not done anywhere else in the world. Our work is strongly multidisciplinary and translational (bench-to-bedside), creating unique opportunities to interrogate the brain in new and exciting ways, all with the aim of changing the lives of children for the better.

Research Areas

Clinical Neuroscience • Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience • Neurophysiology & Neuroanatomy • Neuroimaging