Advancing Brain Research Through Strategic Fundraising Partnerships

16 Nov 2023 | By Hayley Tomes
Flametree Fundraising at the Neuroscience Institute
16 Nov 2023 | By Hayley Tomes

We are excited to spotlight our partnership with Zoë Boshoff and Flametree Fundraising, who have been instrumental in empowering our early-career researchers to design exciting research programmes, and raise the funds needed to achieve their ambitious career goals.

Flametree Fundraising hosts an intensive fundraising incubator programme, tailored for both research teams and early career researchers. So far, more than ten early career researchers from our institute have completed this transformative capacity building programme. This is an incredibly exciting career stage for them, and we are so proud of their achievements.   At the Neuroscience Institute, our priority is supporting our emerging and mid-career researchers to thrive.

As one participant shared, 'the Strategic Fundraising Course changed my career trajectory as a young researcher. It helped me to strategically think about my research and to use a systematic approach to raise the funding I would require to achieve my envisioned impact. I learnt to create a vision and mission for my research, realign my approach/processes to this vision, and at all times to think about my impact. I managed to raise close to ZAR20 million in research funding within a year of taking the course, but the biggest win for me was how the course enabled me to realise how impactful and relevant our research is to the African context' - Dr Rachael Danngarembizi 
Discover more about the programme here and visit Flametree Fundraising for free, useful fundraising resources.


Caption for image: Views of the Neuroscience Institute inside and out. MSc student (Emily Higgitt), bottom left, performing her research on the confocal microscope. Dr Rachael Dangarembizi, based in the Department of Human Biology and one of the Neuroscience Institute's emerging researchers quoted in the post.