Gabriel Grant awardees

13 Sep 2022
gabriel grant awardees
13 Sep 2022

Congratulations to the 11 researchers who were successfully awarded a Neuroscience Institute Gabriel Grant 2022. The Gabriel Foundation generously donated 8 million rand towards funding these research projects. We are incredibly fortunate to have this intramural funding programme where we can support Neuroscience Institute researchers doing, at times, high-risk high-reward research.

Dorit Hockman

Exploring the gene regulatory dynamics of the maturing human brain

Joseph Raimondo

Growing ORCHIDS: developing strategies for Optical Reporting of CHloride Ion Driving force

Leigh Schrieff-Brown

Can understanding brain insults and resultant neuropsychological and neuroimaging effects in young offenders help us understand and reduce crime and recidivism in South Africa?

Lerato Majara

Genomes from South Africa - "gnom SA": A sub-study of the genomes from Africa (gnomAF) project

Melissa Nel & Jeannine Heckmann

Expanding the neurogenomics network from childhood to adulthood  and exploring unchartered genomics territories

Mubeen Goolam

Establishing African origin cerebral organoids as a model to investigate neurological disease

Rachael Dangarembizi

The use of human brain organotypic slice cultures and single nucleus RNA sequencing for studying the neuroimmune mechanisms underlying brain injury in cryptococcal meningitis

Ursula Rohlwink

Using novel flow cytometry techniques to investigate the immunophenotype and gene of peripheral and resident immune cells in site-of-disease samples in children with tuberculous meningitis

Yumna Albertus & Nico Enslin

Transforming intraoperative monitoring for Dorsal Rootlet Rhizotomy using innovative motor unit activity mapping